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Why Work With Me?
If Back To My Best Isn't A Diet, What Is It?
What I Expect From You
What Is A Hypno Gastric Band ?

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Why Work With Me?

I have over 8 years experience helping women reach their weight goals and stay there.

I've walked in your shoes and know the misery of yo-yoing weight. If I can do it anyone can!

I'm a fully qualified & insured Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnoband Practitioner and Hypnotherapist registered with, and abiding by, The GHR code of ethics. See my qualifications.

You may lose weight on a diet using conscious will-power, but once finished, you return to your old habits and behaviours, which are running unchecked in your subconscious mind. My program tackles these from the start.

I have particular success helping women lose stubborn 'middle-aged spread'. The peri-menopause can start up to 10 years before the actual menopause, increasing anxiety, stress and fat storage. The hormonal turmoil during the menopause causes the body to store more harmful fat around the middle, which becomes difficult to shift. It can also cause anxiety, stress, hot flushes and difficulty sleeping - all of which interfere with weight loss. I had an early menopause, so I have first hand experience of these problems and how to deal with them.

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I have great success helping women lose 'baby weight' after pregnancy and the child-rearing years. I address the particular issues that may be impacting you, including, but not limited to: lack of sleep, family stress, juggling work and family life, lack of 'me' time. I also have techniques to specifically help with any problems arising from hormone disruption after pregnancy such as post-natal depression, anxiety, fatigue etc.

If you've been on a strict diet, your body releases extra hormones to make you hungrier, having perceived you as being in a famine state and wanting to regain the lost body weight. My program is not a diet and my clients lose fat slowly and steadily, avoiding this 'famine state' problem, also ensuring they're losing fat not muscle. See Why Diets Don't Work

Join me and break free from that cycle of failure. Treat yourself and get Back To Your Best - Stop dieting, get your desired figure and free up your energy, money and time for other areas of your life.

So, If Back To My Best Isn't A Diet, What Is It?

It's not a diet: it's a proven formula for enduring lifestyle change, transforming your mind and body. The recipe for my program consists of 5 Principles:

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1. Unconscious Habit Changes:
We will discover what's triggering you to eat, then I use a series of powerful Positive Psychology techniques Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching, Mindfulness and CBT to reprogram your subconscious eating habits and change your beliefs, attitudes and behaviours around food.
I am a licensed Hypno-Gastric Band Practitioner, so you can choose to have a Hypno Gastric Band fitted to make your stomach feel smaller.

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2. Movement:
Moving is a key factor in improving your shape, but you don’t have to spend hours down the gym or in workout classes - walking is just effective and we can build a plan tailored to you.

If, like me, you’re busy juggling family and work commitments you can take advantage of the latest techniques, which only require short bursts of activity a few times a week. Also, we look at how to build more movement into your day. I can embed these changes into hypnotherapy, making it much easier to achieve and maintain your weight goal for good.

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3. Food / Drink Choices:
The wrong food choices can make you hungrier or more prone to put on weight. I give you the latest information about the best weight-loss tips for all the food groups, such as why resistant starches help.

Of course, drinks can cause big problems, especially alcohol - hypnotherapy & NLP are powerful habit breakers.

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4. Stress-Busting & Relaxation:
Missing a meal, eating a sugary snack, getting upset or sleeping badly can create a surge of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol alters your hormones resulting in low mood, anxiety, slowed metabolism and making you very hungry, causing you to reach for fatty, sugary, high-energy food. Many weight-loss programs fail, because they fail to address stress. We will explore the stress in your life and use methods to reduce and manage it.

Work With Me/Fees. Achieve your goals

5. Be Your Own Coach:
You will learn methods to become your own Weight Loss Coach. By the end of the course you will be confident about keeping yourself on track for a permanent healthy lifestyle.

Some of my clients are so inspired that they train to become Life Coaches themselves.

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What I Expect From You

The program requires you to practice some techniques, listen to audio and do a little bit of homework. Please ask yourself the following questions:

Are you ready to be honest about your habits, thoughts & beliefs? If you can't, then we may not uncover the triggers or root causes of your weight problem.

Are you willing to take action? There will be (fun) techniques to practice, audio to listen to and some re-inforcement reading to do, which will, literally, change your mind.

Are you ready to move? Even if it's just incorporating some brisk walking into your week?

Are you sure you've had enough of trying the next miracle diet and you're now ready to commit to permanent change?

Please don't treat this like just another diet. I use a completely different approach: this will help you to transform your lifestyle.

If your answers are YES to all of the above, then READ ON...

Back To My Best Packages (also available online)

My program is available for individuals (face to face or online). During the Initial (free) Consultation I assess your specific needs and discuss the program in more depth. The first session will last up to 75 minutes. All subsequent sessions are approximately 55 minutes. You can choose to Pay As You Go or you can buy a 5 session package and save money.


Single session price: £75 SALE 1st Session 25% OFF: £55
Try before you buy:
You can try 1 session, then, buy a the 5 session package (below) and I will deduct the initial full price session fee of £75 from the package price.

5 Session Package: £350 (£70 per session, saving £25 in total)

  • Free, no obligation, consultation
  • 5 sessions
  • Try the 1st session with no obligation to pay for the whole package
  • Hypno Gastric Band option available.
  • At least 3 CD/mp3 hypnotherapy reinforcement audio recordings to take home
  • 2 month's email support from the date of your last session.

  • Are You Ready To Act?
    Or do you want to do what you've always done and get the same old results?

    How much money would you spend on clothes this year?
    Why not spend it on transforming your body & mind and look fantastic in those clothes?

    Contact Me Today for a no obligation chat about your problem.

    Or keep on doing what you've always done and get the same old results...

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    What Is A Hypno Gastric Band ?

    Work With Me/Fees. hypnoband

    It is a non-surgical technique which uses the power of hypnosis to retrain you to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food. The process convinces the sub-conscious mind that there is a restrictive mechanism fitted to the stomach, making you feel fuller quicker. It is also known as: the Virtual Gastric Band, the Hypno- Band and the Gastric Mind Band.

    The program develops a healthy, natural weight control system, based on the natural biological signals of eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied, rather than forming an emotional attachment to food and eating. We address emotional and psychological issues as the root of an individual's ultimate need to overeat.

    There are predictable results with ZERO risk. Real-life Gastric Band surgery is high risk and is very restrictive with diet. It often fails, because it fails to deal with the client's issues with food and eating.

    I trained with The Hypno-Band Weight Loss organization and I am a Licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner. I am also a fully qualified hypnotherapist.

    Work With Me/Fees. Achieve your goals

    I believe that the Virtual Gastric Band combined with my Back To My Best program is better than any other.

  • You will believe you have a gastric band fitted, so your stomach will feel much smaller

  • It offers you the way to change for good, the way you feel about food and your body.

  • We will find what triggers you to eat and change subconscious habits/ beliefs about food.

  • Plus we will cover the 5 Principles of my the Back To My Best program.

    This program has been refined over many sessions to be the best it can be.

    Don't just take my word for it, read my client's comments

    Contact me and Take Control Today

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  • Work With Me/Fees. Fat hypnoband

    I lost four stone after a hypnotist convinced me to have a gastric band

    By Andy Dolan of The Daily Mail

    As gastric band operations go, it was surprisingly straightforward and pleasant. There was no pain, no risk of infection, no anaesthetic, no recovery period afterwards, and all at only a fraction of the £7,000 such surgery would usually cost. That's because the patient, company director Emma Eveleigh-Anderton, 36, never actually had a gastric band fitted, but was just hypnotised into thinking she had.

    Dramatic weight loss: Emma Eveleigh-Anderston, 36, has dropped five dress sizes in six months after being hypnotised into believing she has a gastric band. The mother-of-two paid £980 for four sessions over a one-month period, starting with a 45-minute 'virtual' surgery where therapist Russell Hemmings talked her through every step of the medical procedure as though she was actually in the operating theatre.

    She said: 'It was as if I was having the operation, except I was in an office rather than a theatre.

    'After the first session I felt hopeful. But after the second I really felt positive and much more controlled about my eating.It has actually re-educated my mind. I was starting to feel fuller quicker and was eating much less.'

    Mrs Eveleigh-Anderton, from Coventry, runs her own conference and exhibition organisation firm with husband Darren, 42. Her weight issues had not been helped by the struggle to shift her baby weight after the birth of daughters Antonia, seven, and six-year-old Alice a year apart.

    Work With Me/Fees. slim hypnoband

    She turned to the virtual gastric band therapy after diets, appetite suppression pills and sheer willpower failed to help her lose weight alone. She swapped takeaway food for salad, fruit and grilled fish and as the weight fell off - up to 3lb a week - she began taking gentle morning jogs. Now she runs for 30 minutes most mornings and has dropped from a size 18 to an 8. Last month she was fit enough to complete a half-marathon in her home city.

    The therapy works by using a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy to 'reprogramme' a patient's mind to respond differently in everyday situations involving food. It also avoids risks associated with the surgical procedure such as DVT or MRSA, and patients do not need to submit to a general anaesthetic. The virtual gastric band hypnotherapy is now in high demand.

    In May last year, the Daily Mail told how Marion Corns, a mother-of-three, lost four stone after travelling to a clinic in Marbella, Spain, for the same therapy. In the four months following her £780 treatment, Mrs Corns, of Whiston Merseyside, went from 15st 6lb to 11st 7lb, while her dress size dropped from 22 to a 14.

    It costs around £7,000 to have a real gastric band fitted privately. The surgery involves fitting a band around the stomach which slows the passage of food and makes a patient feel fuller for longer. The procedure is available on the NHS for patients who have met specific criteria, such as failing to lose weight by other methods.The associated death rate is around one in 2,000.

    Find out how I can help you, Take Control Today, or keep on doing what you've always done and get the same old results.

    Work With Me/Fees. 3 slim women tape measure

    More Virtual Gastric Band Stories:

    Read My Weight Loss Clients' Comments

    Accounts clerk, Alison, nearly 19st, lost 8 stone with the Virtual Gastric Band and swapped chocs for cabbage!

    Mother of 3, Marion Corns lost 4 stones.

    Headmistress's amazing weight loss.

    Mother has Hypno-Band fitted and drops from size 18 to size 10.

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